like the snake that you are // Chuck & Lavern 


The possibility of being a mutant had actually occurred to Chuck, but he had ruled it out rather quickly; no one else in his family had exhibited any such powers, and given that gossip in his family spread quickly would such a thing not stay hidden for long. If it weren’t for his great-great-great-whatever grandfather, Seth, he’d probably faced removal from the family tree for…well, not necessarily his powers, but for having been sent to prison, though they all had been very good at ignoring him.

This wasn’t the point, however, Chuck was pretty sure that his powers did not come from genetics…but he wasn’t too sure just where they came from.

The Fallen theory didn’t sound right, especially since Ordiel pointed out that he may feel familiar, but not truly like he was a…brother. He was too powerful — something he found oddly worrying, really.

If anyone shouldn’t be ‘too powerful’ it should be him. What was he gonna do with all that power?

When eyes focused on him again, Chuck had already started to chew lightly on his bottom lip, thoughtful; the truth was…he couldn’t really lose anything from meeting with Ordiel’s family. Besides, something told him that if he were to decline they may just start to try and encourage him with something else than simply invite him.

Chuck’s pale blue eyes looked over Ordiel, and then finally locked with the pitch black of the other’s eyes before giving a visible nod, sliding off of the bed to stand before the Fallen. “Well…can’t hurt,” he said, and gave a slight smile, “I’ll accept your invitation. Um…I suppose we’ll be going somewhere else?”

Oh, Chuck was right in that assumption. The Order of the Blackened Denarius was not one to take “no” for an answer lightly; many times over in the past had they used underhanded tactics to get the individuals they wanted, resorting to bribery, kidnapping, and simple trickery. If they wanted you, they would get you— one way or another.

However, as of now, Chuck had not declined any offer. Rather, he was entirely willing to hear the Fallen out, which was yet another point in his favor. The upperhands of their organization, Nicodemus and his wife/rival combination, Tessa, disagreed on many aspects, but it generally meant that recruiting new members was usually always with an approved method. Willingly or not, personal agenda or not, one of the two would be happy with him.

And lucky, too, that their daughter hadn’t yet returned to join in on the discussion. No doubt Deirdre was lurking nearby, watching, perhaps inspecting his work.

The thought alone had Ordiel’s fur bristling, but it subsided soon enough.

"I cannot bring you to them without warning." The canid continued, though he looked up at the man with an appraising, approving stare. "Or they might kill you outright. Our leaders very much like to have a plan. Meet me on the roof of this building in three days, at midnight, and I will take you to them. If you are not in sight, I will assume that you have declined my offer."

The last word had something extra to it, the promise of something dark should that possibility fall.

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"Shut up."

He’s trying his best to keep pressure on the wound as well, but he’s paying more attention to Clint’s face, the nuances of emotions that cross his features. The archer can worry about keeping pressure on it, Jim’s more focused on the grimace and the hint of worry behind the smile.


"St… Staying quiet will still help, though."

Clint nods, accepting Jim’s words, a silent promise not to say anything. At least, nothing to anyone but Bones.

In any case, Jim’s hands are more in the way than anything, and Clint moves them away with his free hand while the other presses down. “Hands away, let me get to it,” He reaches now behind himself, to the bag strapped to his back that carried some survival gear, what he always insisted on having available after the last time he’d gotten injured on a planetary mission.

"Make sure you keep watching me," He instructed, meeting Jim’s eyes and searching for clarity within them. "Keep talking if you can. It’s probably a really far walk to the nearest safe zone and I’ll have to carry you."

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X Marks The Spot || Clint & Chuck 


Chuck felt that applause was very much in order, yet probably not appreciated, especially not with other agents present who were most likely gonna give him even odder looks than Clint may if he were to do this.

So, instead Chuck waited for Clint to return with a smile.

Clint’s offer was a surprise, one that was appreciated, however. The god had always wanted to try it, even when human, but since he’d have had to wear his glasses had he figured it pointless to try.

"Uh, yeah," he nodded his head, stepping over to Clint, eyes flitting between bow and Clint’s face. "I suppose I’ll be needing a bow?" Reaching for Clint’s seemed…inappropriate, it was the archer’s main weapons, after all.

Clint gestured for Chuck to follow; it’s not that he didn’t want his friend using his bow, it’s just that this particular bow was specially designed with Clint in mind. It was unnecessarily complicated for a beginner; better to just find him a compound bow, something simple, to try out.

A small room at the back of the shooting range held a lot of the less-volatile training equipment, including bows, and Clint picked one out, studied its length, glanced back at Chuck thoughtfully, and then picked out a different one, handing it over. This one was a bit shorter than the first, a better fit for Chuck’s height. “We’ll try this one. Compound bows are pretty simple and aren’t really good for anything productive, but you’ve never done it before so it should be fine.”

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we can work it out // Chuck & Dresden 


Chuck had been very serious about his reference, he would probably have started to laugh — long and hard — should the man have made any claim for him to be a wizard; he may not know what he was, and he may just settle on god for the simple reason convenience, but a wizard, he wasn’t. Wizards, witches, sorcerers, warlocks, whatever you wish call them were for the most part humans who used magic for one thing or another.

The more evil ones, obviously, for nefarious reasons, be it selfish ones or more on the apocalyptic side.

The problem Chuck faced when in the presence of magic users was, however, that unless they used their powers did they appear completely human to him, even when looking at their souls may it only reveal to him that they were either virtuous or dancing more along the sinner spectrum of things; for the most part, Chuck avoided looking at people’s souls, but sometimes he did it without meaning it.

It was frustrating in a way.

Speaking of magic users, Chuck had decided to sort the man into that category for now, until he got anything to prove himself wrong with that assumption.


"Eh, so you just want to wait for the power to return on its own?" Chuck asked, personally not a fan of the idea, which may have something to do that it had been his fault for Chicago to be without power at the moment. Still, it was an option to take as well, one that hadn’t really crossed his mind before because he had always been the type to clean up his own messes.

Humans can figure it out on their own, and if really necessary he could reattempt to take care of it. For now, he appeared to have found himself the target of the man’s scrutiny again.

"I may not be the tallest, but thinking me to be a fairy is kinda mean, man." He crossed his arms before his chest, though amusement was lacing his words. His expression turned a little bit more uncertain, however. "Although I…uh, don’t know what an Outsider is…so, I might be one. If you asked angels and demons who have met me, they call me a god, you can call me that too, if you like."

Might as well get that out of the way.

"A god, huh?"

Yeahhh, he doubted it. He’s met gods— or, well, technically they ranged from being gods to mythological figures, but those usually seemed to criss-cross every so often anyway. The big difference was that those gods tended to know they were gods. This just stunk to high heaven.

Pun intended.

"Then you’re with the Denarians?" Dresden asked, after the mention of demons and angels, but that didn’t really sit right, either. If this guy was a member of the Order, he wouldn’t be acting like a dumbass that didn’t know magic from a miracle.

It seemed much more likely that he was something known, just.. extremely overpowered.

"Look, pal, you caused the blackout. Probably because you had an energy surge or something, didn’t know what you were doing. That’s why I assumed you were a young talent just discovering his magic. If you tried to set everything right again, I wouldn’t be surprised if you turned everything within a five-mile radius to jello." Or some less-attractive gooey substance.

"Let them handle it; that’s their job. What you need to focus on right now is explainiing to me exactly what you are. I’m not playing games here. This is very touchy territory, and people get killed for this sort of stuff. I’m trying to prevent that. Work with me instead of acting like some stupid-shit high school kid whose only purpose in life is to be extremely vague as a defense mechanism.”

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"—your fly’s open."

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"Technically it’s a poison gas, technically it will kill you in under ten seconds at that proximity, and technically I’m not obligated to feel bad because I already warned you not to play with it.”

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Tests || Clint & Chuck 


Chuck probably shouldn’t be looking forwards so very much to having his annoying uncle being knocked out cold, but then he was an especially rude branch from his family tree. "Alright, I’ll get him there," he said with a nod, giving Clint a smile before turning back to search for his uncle, finding him quickly enough.

Waiting for him to be alone, so his uncle wouldn’t try something like introducing himself, Chuck made his way over with a smile that matched the fake one his uncle wore when he saw him.

Exchanging a few more words, Chuck actually knew the best way to get his uncle to comply, though the thought had him actually feel sick, especially when Dick smile as if he had successfully blackmailed a politician. “Then lead the way, my dear nephew,” he said, and Chuck gave him a curt nod and lead him to the room.

When he entered, he said, “I’ll just introduce you and then…uh, wait outside,” so Clint knew it was them, his uncle replying, “oh, you can stay, of course, you may learn a few things.”

On second thought, maybe Chuck should just rip his head off…nobody would really miss him…

Unfortunately for Chuck, Clint is far from on the page with that last sentiment.

As soon as the man walks through the door, Clint slides out from behind its paneling, applying an iron firepoker to the back of his skull. It strikes home with a solid klanng, and Chuck’s uncle collapses abruptly into a heap of unconscious rich guy.

Troublesome unconscious rich guy.

Clint set the poker aside and glanced at the doorway for his partner, hoping he wouldn’t be too upset that Clint had knocked out a family member with something as impersonal as an iron tool. It hadn’t been too hard, not hard enough to draw a lot of blood, but he’d definitely wake up with an enormous bump on the back of his head. If they were lucky, he’d just assume he’d blacked out after some drinks.

The room was dark and empty, but it was set up in the fashion of a fancy waiting room, complete with a couch that faced away from the door. He crouches to pick the man up from under his shoulders, nodding to Chuck. “Get his legs, we’ll put him on the couch and he’ll just look asleep if anyone finds him.”

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threadtracker [7-2014] 

(( If a verse looks interesting to you and is open, send me an ask and I’ll give you more info/we can plot. ))

THE  S O L D I E R   L  O  S  T
                        (mainverse; default)

DRINKS  W I T H   D  A  M  O  C  L  E  S
                        (S.H.I.E.L.D.-verse; open)

FOR  N O W   M  Y   T R E A C H E R Y
                        (current arc 1; open)

THE  P I E C E S   D  O  N  ’  T   F I T
                        (HYDRA-verse; open)

OBJECTS  I N   S  P  A  C  E
                        (Star Trek-verse; open)

                        (Civil War-verse; open)

                        (1930s/40s-verse; open)

                        (Pirate-verse; closed)

                        (Legion-verse; closed)

HEART  W I T H O U T   A   H O M E
                        (Modern/Escort-verse; closed)

                        (Horror/Asylum-verse; closed)

KISS  O F   D  E  A  T  H
                        (Serial Killer-verse; closed)

                        (Lost/Jurassic Park/Reign of Fire-verse; closed)

                        (Alt-S.H.I.E.L.D.-verse; closed)



  • LAVENDER BLUE (Tesseract-verse; open)
  • BURY ME IN ARMOR (Middle Earth-verse; open)
  • NO CHOICES BUT TO YIELD (Pirate-verse; open)
  • NEARER TO DUST (Post-Apocalypse-verse; closed)
  • Western AU
  • Transformers AU

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